Pride Masks

Pride Masks

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Limited edition PRIDE masks in rainbow coloured weaves. 

These masks, sold in a set of 3 full weaves made from scrap handwoven fabrics from our production waste following standard face mask safety requirements: 

✔ Full coverage that seals around the nose and mouth

✔ Pocket lining for bacterial filtration

They come with adjustable ear-loops two washable filters to improve filtration efficiency. Use the interior pocket of the mask to hold an additional filter such as a tissue or a non-woven fabric. Filters are recommended to be replaced daily.


  •  Full weave mask, 5 x 8 1/2" in size
  •  Kantarines Stripe
  •  Bangued Abra


Disclaimer: Material used is NOT similar to a surgical mask, this is still only a DIY mask that can be used as a substitute due to the lack of approved personal protective equipment (PPE). And since they're from offcuts, masks will be in assorted colors. 

We honor all the shapes and sizes of bodies and understand that your body may be different from our standard measurements. If you have any questions about sizing, please email For our return and exchange policies, view our FAQ.
All ANTHILL items are made of artisanal hands using hand- loomed fabrics as the focal material. Every piece goes through a slow and rigorous production process. As it is handmade, each weave is unique and you might find inconsistencies on the fabric. We trust that you understand the intricacies of every weave and find beauty in the imperfections.

All weaves used in our apparel line are test washed based on color fastness and shrinkage. As most of these fabrics are a blend of cotton and polyester, they are safe to be machine-washed. If unsure, always play safe and go with hand wash.

WASHING. You may hand wash or machine wash your apparel weaves in cold water using mild detergent at low spin cycle. Hang the clothes to air dry. Zero waste weaves and weaves in natural fiber must be hand washed in cold water.

IRONING. Always set your iron in low to medium heat. Use a spray bottle and spray water to straighten out the wrinkles. Turn the garment inside out when ironing.

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