Ate Jelyn, The Weaving Warrior

Ate Jelyn is ANTHILL's partner Hablonan ni Lauriana's Community Manager from Argao, Cebu. Hablon ni Lauriana has become ANTHILL's Center for Research and Textile Innovation where the weavers are able to learn new weaving techniques and it is also the birthplace of our zero-waste fabrics. They are a promising community of female weavers with experience in innovation. Gaining the skill of weaving from her mother, she has worked hard at weaving for the past four years until the pandemic hit. During the slow months of the pandemic, Ate Jelyn had to be resourceful to put food on the table. She started selling home-cooked meals to sell among her neighbors in order to provide additional income to support herself, her husband, and their lovely daughter.

Aside from her skills in weaving and community enterprise management, Ate Jelyn also graduated from Cebu Technical University in Argao with a degree in Forestry. It has always been her dream to use her education and explore sustainable livestock farming by raising her own poultry, pigs, and cows. She feels that having a mini farm of animals would allow her family to have a more stable and secure income. She dreams of being able to purchase a few animals, grow them, and sell them when they are healthy and ready. Our Weave Warrior dreams beyond the loom and we are excited about the possibilities of her new venture!

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