//REWORK//: to creatively make something work again for further use. This circular innovation made us think beyond the box and thread new life to rejects and pieces with defects.

With a patchwork, a trim, a different cut, we spruced up our favorite classics and originals into something new and one of a kind for you! Rework weaves infinite possibilities to transform and refashion your garments and your closet. In our pursuit of circularity and conscious consumption, we continue to innovate on how to extend the product life cycle of our weaves. We believe the future of fashion is circular. We believe that loved clothes last.

Rework Gabriela Skirt


Rework Endiba Skirt


Rework Lungti Skirt


Rework Loro Skirt (w/ garter 2 layer)

₱4,999.00 ₱2,499.50

Rework Panyo Kapa




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