We believe the future of fashion is circular, restorative, regenerative and woven to last. These pieces are from our collection samples or from Weave Exchange Program, weaves that have been cared for and loved by Proud Weave Wearers ready to be passed on to the next one. This is our way of extending the product life cycle of our weaves in pursuit of circularity, and making our weaves accessible for you.

Reweave Esmeralda Mini

₱3,799.00 ₱1,899.50

Reweave Duranta Skirt

₱5,499.00 ₱2,749.50

Reweave Korsi Skirt

₱4,999.00 ₱2,499.50

Reweave Zinia Dress

₱4,999.00 ₱2,499.50



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