Kinaiya means “inner being”, and pertains to a person’s defining traits and qualities. The KINAIYA collection by She Talks Asia features thoughtfully created and sustainably made pieces that celebrate a woman’s fearless spirit, and the unique stories that shaped it. The KINAIYA collection does not only support the livelihood of ANTHILL’s partner weavers & artisans, it will also help fund our workshops for disadvantaged women.

Every part of this clothing is made by hand, and is thoughtfully made to last for generations. It took a lot of time to design the pattern and cut each piece. To us, these clothes symbolize the resilience of a community, and the powerful contribution of the collective. We hope you wear them proudly wherever you go.

She Talks Asia Founders


We chose Binakol as our signature weave because we fell in love with its intricate patterns, and the meaning behind them. Our ancestors from the North wore them to ward off evil spirits, believing that the dizzying patterns will confuse them. We see these pieces not just as an expression of our pride and love for our culture, but as an armour that reflects our character, and strengthens our confidence to take on the challenges every day.

Kinaiya Collection

Sining Wrap Skirt


Likha Wrap Skirt


Himig Wrap Skirt


Kinaiya Chaketa


Kinaiya Alitaptap




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