Ate Jingle, The Craft Master

Ate Jingle is the epitome of servant leadership. She has been the longest-running Community Manager of ANTHILL's partner HOME Plush Toys for years. The HOME mothers work on handcrafting some of the beautiful Christmas ornaments, and baby mobiles available on ANTHILL markets. Holding the fort for so long, she not only makes dolls but has also gained skills in cash flow management, supply chain management, materials sourcing, pricing, and fulfilment among others. With all these skills up her sleeve, it was no surprise when she decided to open her own mini sari sari store in 2019 using her savings in ANTHILL as an alternative source of income to help provide for the needs and education of her three children. Something we are truly proud of!

During the pandemic, her husband lost his job and she readily became the breadwinner of the family. The mini sari sari store became a saving grace yet, business was still slow. With a vision to grow and expand her business, Ate Jingle aims to buy a brand new refrigerator and an automatic tubig machine to continue serving the needs of her community neighborhood. With these additional amenities, she is confident she can grow her income and have her husband support her in running the business. This Craft Master is truly unstoppable!

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