Ate Belen, The Super Seamstress

Ate Belen has been ANTHILL's super seamstress for 3 years. After the closure of the in-house production, she transitioned to being our production partner and one of the seamstresses to benefit from the Kinaiya Collection. After working on several projects, it validated her lifelong dream to be able to run her own Sewing Studio where she can employ other women and produce for small brands as a manufacturing partner. Ate Belen is highly skilled and a very efficient master seamstress of apparel and accessory production.

Being a single mother for years, Ate Belen is one of the most resilient and strong-willed women raising two amazing gentlemen who are pursuing their dreams as well. With Ate Belen's savings and hard work in ANTHILL, she was able to let her children finish school. Her eldest is now training to become a soldier while his youngest is preparing for the nursing board exam. Now that her children are all grown up, Ate Belen dreams of this Sewing Studio to be a way to provide for her future so her sons can focus on theirs. An initial capital for the purchase of sewing machines and a few month's rent would definitely kick off her dream. With all the sacrifices she's made for her children, it is indeed high time for Ate Belen to enjoy the fruits of her labor, enjoy her independence, and hone her creative sewing skills.

Dibuho Table Napkin


Tropik Kimona Bib


Tropik Tapis Skirt




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