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We offer a wide range of services for businesses of all sizes. Having meaningful collaborations deepen our social impact among our artisan partners and allows us to use our creative hub as a platform for innovation using fashion for good.

Custom Design
Share your design and vision with us and we will work on bringing them to life using a variety of textile applications. We explore materials and construction techniques tailor-fit to your needs.
Owner and Designer,
Lu France Interiors

“I've always been a fan of ANTHILL Fabric and their practices, supporting them as a consumer in the Philippines. When the opportunity came for me to partner with them through a pillow cover collaboration, I experienced just how much they truly value and respect the art of weaving. It was evident in the way they worked with me and helped make my designs come to life –– patiently answering my questions, helping me choose appropriate weaves and hardware, and making sure every piece passed quality control. Even if I am based in the US, the whole process was easy, enjoyable, and seamless.”

Jeanette Sawyer

“Working with ANTHILL, as a company in the US, has been a dream partnership. Not only has ANTHILL has provided custom services on the textiles we have used for our Binakol tote and Abaca buckets, allowing us to customize the colors specific to our brand; but also they have taken us under their wing, traveled with us to allow us to connect with our artisans on a deeper level. Our partnership extends beyond a transactional business relationship — we learn about our Philippine culture, indigenous practices through sustainability, and are able to build relationships with Philippine artisans."

Small business manufacturing
We are here to support fellow small businesses with shared values committed to purpose and impact. We work around manageable volume requirements taking into consideration your investment capacity. We pride in being able to create value for you and further propel your business growth.
Angela Dinglasan
Zen Nutrients

“It was really a joy to work with the ANTHILL Fabric team. As a beauty brand, we’re in constant need of promotional items, but we wanted ours to be locally made, well priced, and ethically done, plus of course in line with us as the Zenutrients brand. It was great to create several items–we did bags, (several) pouches and reusable face rounds. Not only were the items well made, but we were able to incorporate the use of scraps, local weaving, and happy to create job opportunities for the craftspeople of ANTHILL Fabric in doing so.”

Rejoice Thomson
Chef and Entrepreneur
Dovetail Social Cafe

“I understood the work of ANTHILL when I met Anya during her talk and visit in Brisbane. I knew then that I have to ask her to make the aprons for our second cafe at Dovetail Social. I love everything ANTHILL stands for and I hope that even with just our aprons we become part of their story. The design team sent some design samples and it was a breeze working with them. We absolutely love our aprons, definitely a statement piece, a conversation starter, and I feel proud wearing something from home.”

Zero waste program
Integrate circularity in your business practices and creative pursuits by using our zero waste upcycled fabrics, scraps and production end cuts or collaborating with us in turning upcycling your waste into new valuable products.
Carla Cruz
Owner and Designer,
Tropik Beatnik

“Working with ANTHILL and their beautiful scrap weaves has been nothing short of wonderful. We've been using ANTHILL’s scrap weaves since 2019 and their handwoven fabric have definitely added a touch of uniquely Filipino whimsy to our pieces while giving them more value. It's been amazing to have the unique opportunity to work with ANTHILL on our past 2 collaborations–Flora and Fauna–where were able to re-use and re-purpose discarded linens from Manila Peninsula to create thoughtfully-made pieces inspired by Philippine Flora as well as deadstock animal beads to create fun and quirky pieces inspired by wildlife. Being a part of ANTHILL's circularity program has truly made our work here at Tropik Beatnik more thoughtful, more meaningful, and has brought us closer to our dream of becoming a more sustainable business in the long run. We love ANTHILL!”

Ulrika Kroon
Sales and Marketing Manager,
Atmosphere Resorts

“As a leading luxury boutique resort in the Philippines, we are dedicated to improving our sustainability efforts whilst maintaining a luxury guests experience. Responsible sourcing of products used throughout the resort has enabled us to support local and environmentally conscious suppliers, from the soft furnishings in the rooms, the food served within the restaurant, and the items available within the resort boutique. ANTHILL, based in Cebu, has been instrumental in this endeavor. ANTHILL’s traditional Filipino fabrics, and in particular their no-waste fabric produced from waste pieces is a shining example of Filipino craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. It is this beautiful fabric in several color variations, that adorns many of the soft furnishings within our rooms.”

Adante Leysa
Artist & Designer

“I am a firm believer and great admirer of ANTHILL's business model and brand. When I saw them selling scraps in their pop up, I immediately got some and used it to create another style of our iconic cocoon bag and called it ANYA Series. It was one of our best sellers. In the midst of the lockdown, I was able to compose my sanity by manipulating a bunch of ANTHILL scraps that I got before the pandemic. Through this, I came up with artisanal gender neutral shirts and facemasks- my first attempt in apparel. With the new batch of scraps that I got, I am currently working on another first home product and we are very excited to showcase it very soon. I love ANTHILL fabrics, especially the scraps- the diversity of fresh colors and patterns creates an interesting fabric narrative that inspires me to create endlessly. In the light of optimizing the use of these precious fabrics, we know that utilizing scraps is a RIGHT THING to do, but I further realized that it was a SMART MOVE, too. It's cost efficient and fun to work on."

Textile supplier
We make our Philippine weaves accessible to the world. With an extensive network of partnerships among weaving communities, we can be your central sourcing hub for all your handwoven textile needs assured of an ethical and transparent supply chain.
Owner and Designer,
Little Islander

“ANTHILL has been instrumental in our development as a small business, both as a supplier providing access to weaves directly from weaving communities and also as an educator as they teach us about provenance of the weaves in a wholly transparent manner. We feel confident working with ANTHILL knowing that all the weaves we use are ethically sourced and all the stakeholders are paid a fair wage for their work. ANTHILL also helps with quality control so that the weaves that arrive at our workshop for production are of the highest quality.”

Renee Patron
Owner and Designer,

“We were very excited to design Banago bags using our Samar banig textiles combined with ANTHILL weavers’ beautiful fabrics. We love supporting our Philippine weavers, and working through Anya and her team at ANTHILL made the process much smoother and easier. It's nice to find a like-minded social enterprise that shares the same goals as we do. We are looking forward to more projects together!”

Social Procurement
Reinvest in the local economy and support inclusive supply chains by honouring volume procurement needs to social enterprises. We have the production capacity to serve your volume needs from corporate giveaways, uniforms, and packaging.
Steve Benitez
Bo's Coffee

“Our advocacy for community development and sustainability came to fruition with our collaboration with ANTHILL. We support local enterprises and products and with ANTHILL, it is a perfect fit as we use indigenous fabrics in our stores. Every weave has a story, and every story revolves around the culture of the community of weavers. The history is so rich, and Bo’s Coffee is so proud to showcase it in our stores.”


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