13 years ago, we envisioned every Filipino to have a weave in their closet. Little did we know that dream would spark a movement of weave wearing and grow a powerful ecosystem that will revive our weaving traditions to life.

We write this manifesto with you, our Proud Weave Wearers, as a declaration of pride and love for country, community and culture. We celebrate our pride and love out loud. This is our community anthem, our heart song. A manifesto that will constantly remind us of our why. A statement that weaves this movement to keep growing, to keep giving.

We thank all of you and all the other brands supporting the weaving industry for sharing this mission. All of us are beautifully woven into the tapestry of our tribe- an active community who share our values in deeply honouring our heritage, championing craftsmanship, preserving tradition, and celebrating our Filipino identity with pride.


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