The Palda or skirt is a symbol of women empowerment. Wearing short skirts was then a political act, an awareness of women’s inequality. In wearing skirts, there was a cultural change in women’s rights. Palda Revolution is a movement honoring every woman strongly living their values to push for equality and embrace equity. We aim for a progressive culture and a society that does not judge women by what they wear. We do not wear skirts to cover ourselves up, we wear them with freedom. WE WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!

Our skirts have evolved in different forms, shapes and hemlines. They are mindfully designed to move with you, take you places, and take up spaces. Every woman who steps into a skirt exudes the fluidity and versatility of a skirt as she saunters into her every role. This is exactly how power women and Proud Weave Ambassadors Maan, Sepfry and Meryll lead their lives. In a heartwoven conversation, they shared with us the many creative and intricate ways they navigate around a multi hyphenated life being a daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur, among many others.

Sepfry gracefully sashays her way into her roles as a mom, wife, daughter, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur.

“I always believe in balance but I’m still trying to balance everything”

To her, being #everywoman is a balancing act but that doesn’t stop her from appreciating every minute of it with a “happy heart.” The Loro skirt reminds her of this, in the way that it flows and its ability to move in every direction all while making her feel her best.

“This reminds me of my favorite skirt that I keep wearing and using.The look of it and the feel of it, it's flowy. It’s like the fluidity of women when we multitask and adapt to everything.” 

 In 2022, Sepfry successfully opened Dawata Wellness, a Yoga studio and cafe based in the heart of Cebu, where she has built a dedicated and beautiful community of yogis. Her mission has always been to lead with positivity by way of movement, meditation and a holistic lifestyle. She can do it all, all while caring for her son and newborn baby and guiding her students on their health and wellness journeys.

Despite her outstretched arms between motherhood and business owner, she still knows what she deserves. 

“I'm very fortunate and lucky my business right now is around yoga. It really is more on the physical and mental side and having the practice of awareness. You know when it’s enough…When you want something, when you really know by your heart that you deserve this you will really have it.”

This is what we most admire about Sepfry - her self awareness, her ability to ask for help and her humility to put herself first in order to receive what she wants and what she deserves. This is how she embraces equity.

Maan boldly steps into every skirt she wears as a mother of two boys, wife, and doctor. To her, power dressing is proudly showing up in a skirt. She is able to embrace her #EVERYWOMAN by being comfortable with her feminine power and her multiple roles all while wearing a skirt. The Tagpi skirt makes her feel comfortable, confident, and capable of conquering it all. 

“We should show that we are comfortable being feminine and having multiple roles, we should wear our skirts. Wear our skirts to the table.”

During the pandemic, Maan decided to hang up her white coat in order to be there for her kids and to keep her household safe and unexposed while her husband continued his clinic hours. We admire the way she does not diminish either of her roles, she sees her value and importance in being a mom just as much as her honorable work as a doctor. She embraces equity by choosing herself and acknowledging that one of her most important roles is to herself, it is being unapologetically Maan.

“If you play a different role and you have so many things on your mind, it’s easier when you know what to prioritize.”

Maan urges all women out there “to wear our skirts to the table.” At the same time she also recognizes the responsibility she has as a mother of two boys to raise them up to respect women. The wife & husband, mother & father tandem she has with her husband, Charles, allows them to be 50/50 in their roles as parents and professionals. It’s important for her to lead by example and bring up her kids in this environment of mutual respect between men and women.

“I think it's trying to hopefully teach the next generation to let go of the stigma “of who wears the pants in the house” It’ll now be “who wears the skirt in the house.”

Meryl leads the way as a mother, wife, daughter, and entrepreneur. She attributes her ability to juggle her home and office life to motherhood. Everything she knows about multitasking, she learned from being a mother. And she vows to treat her employees with the same care and respect she gives her household. The Panyo Skirt moves with Meryl as she tries to cover all her roles as #EVERYWOMAN. 

“I feel like I'm not just a mom at home, I'm also a mom at work.”

When asked who she would pass the skirt on to, Meryl said she would be passing it on to her daughter so that she too can move with the versatility of the skirt and achieve her dreams. Because for Meryl, the skirt provides limitless possibilities. If the skirt used to be linked to women as homemakers only, it now represents women who can do it all. 

“At the end of the day, there is no one size fits all solution. For me, equity allows me to break free from the stigma that a woman can only be a mom or a professional and not both. I feel like with equity, women are actually given the chance to be both. why can’t we be both, we can do it, we can juggle.”

To her, the skirt is a symbol of empowerment because it carries the evolution of women with it; It’s broken the stigma around women only being tied to house work and opened the doors to more possibilities.

“It was always: women stay at home. But I feel different women want different things. Some women want to stay at home, some women want to focus on their family, some women don’t want to start a family, they just want to focus on their career which is also different. There's no wrong or right way to become a woman — if you want to do both, why not.” 

If equality is giving your two children a backpack each for school, equity is giving your child with a bad back a roller bag and the other a backpack. Equity is giving equal opportunities while also recognizing each person's different needs and circumstances. It is recognizing what makes us different and tailoring that to be made to measure.Our Proud Weave Ambassadors have shown us the many ways we can EMBRACE EQUITY as women.We shouldn’t only be asking for equal opportunities, we should be tailoring these ropes up the ladder to a woman’s measurements. 

Wearing our skirts is a statement of equity. Join our Palda Revolution!


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