What started as a fabric gallery for our handwoven and traditional fabrics evolved to a business that services to different brands both locally and internationally. This is something we had always dreamed of as we weave possibilities to celebrate our culture and heritage. It has been our commitment to help provide enabling environments that will support sustainable livelihood to our artisans through partnering with businesses and agencies that share the same values and understand how we work. 

Over the years, we invested in building relationships with our design collaborators, artisans, and corporate partners and honor each of their role in our community-centered ecosystem. This strengthens our interconnection that weaves a foundation that lets to us march forward.


A lot of business are looking at reinvesting in the local economy by working with social enterprises in their procurement needs. As a procurement partner, we have the production capacity to serve our partner’s volume needs from corporate giveaways, uniforms, and packaging. 

Collaborating with the hospitality sector not only allowed us to become a creative hub and platform for innovation but also gave us the opportunity to explore opportunities on how we can elevate the value of our Philippine weaves. With these partnerships, we were able to celebrate our culture and preserving our handweaving traditions that has always been the heart of ANTHILL, along with the growth of our community.


Having to share our handwoven textiles on an international scale has always been our vision. But before that, we started first in our community, here in the Queen City of the South.

A Cebu-founded coffeehouse, Bo’s Coffee celebrates our local coffee and has been a platform for Filipino social enterprises to reach a larger audience. With every weave displayed on their walls, used for upholstery, and worn by their baristas, it held the view of a single community that is linked together in every fiber and coffee bean.


The Henry Hotel has been our partner since 2015, promoting social procurement as they proudly wear their weaves on their uniforms. This partnership grew and developed over the years as we extend our services to dress their room with custom bed runners that match the mood and theme of each suite.


These collaborations open up opportunities to work with other brands and businesses. We celebrated the culture of a Pinoy salo-salo with Golden Cowrie as its restaurants wear our weaves in their uniforms. 

Working with Atmosphere Resorts as their Textile Partner help us in scaling our circularity impact as they became the very first hotel to use our zero waste weaves for their pillow cases.



Our global POP UPs led us to meet and build a tribe among the diaspora community. Connected our roots through shared values and balikbayan stories, we were able to weave dreams with our now collaborators. We work together to elevate our culture and show our weaves to the world.

Our collaboration Genever Bar in the US expanded our product line with aprons made of Philippine weaves. 


Working with them allowed us to serve more restaurants, bars, and cafes. Showcasing our weaves to the other side of the world, Dovetail Social in Australia showcases Filipino flavors and culture with their mouthwatering dishes served by people decked in their beautiful weave aprons.



It is also been such a great honour to be part of one of the most iconic global brands from the Philippines and celebrate pride for country and culture with our Philippine weaves on the tables of Jollibee UK! Our handwoven textiles add to the contemporary feel of their interiors to bring a touch of home in every dining experience.


We put a spotlight on these genuine and lasting connections among our partners in change. We celebrate their steadfast commitment in honoring our roots and traditions that paved the way for the growth of our work. With each partnership, we were able cultivate our skills for innovation, deepen our social impact, and honor our commitment for community development and sustainable livelihood.

This is a community of dream weavers working together in creating a space to honor our roots, celebrate our heritage, and promote the beauty of our culture.

We thrive in collaborations and we would love to work with you!


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