The past years, we have been invested in a lot of groundwork and relationship building with our partners. In ANTHILL, everything has been about growing organically and trusting that all will weave in its rightful place and perfect time. 2018 was momentous for us, marking three years since our incorporation. It has been a time of harvest and positive change. We humbly share with you significant numbers in three impact areas. 

Community enterprise development is the core of our heart-work. ANTHILL is driven by our mission to elevate culture and sustain livelihood through growing community based social and cultural enterprises. We strengthen our ecosystem through our Community Enterprise Development Program growing four direct community enterprise partners in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao representing rural, indigenous and urban sectors.  


ANTHILL's flagship Master- Apprentice Program augments the artisan's income to 20% with a portion allotted to individual savings. Through our microfinance partner CARD Inc., the artisans are able to have their individual bank accounts with personal passbooks. They also have access to medical and emergency insurance, loans for housing, education and other business ventures.
Honoring the value of weaving as an inheritance or “pamana,” we saved every fabric remnant from production waste until it piled up. As much as fashion is a source of pollution, it can also be a source of solution. ANTHILL chose to further increase its impact and protect the environment. Spearheaded by our Textile and Apparel Designer Jessica Ouano in collaboration with our partner Argao Weaving Community, we developed weaves using upcycled fabric scraps and launched our very first zero waste collection.    
In our pursuit to close the loop and make our weaves accessible, we also introduced our Weave Exchange Program where you get to return old unused weaves in exchange for a weave valuation.

Finally, we celebrate the genuine and lasting connections among storytellers, champions, Proud Weave Wearers, and Weave Ambassadors who have been our partners in change.  We are grateful to have a home in Manila at Tesoros Makati and a store like no other at The Honest Henry, Henry Hotel Cebu. Government agencies like Department of Budget and Management have been allies in promoting social procurement as they proudly wear their uniforms with local weaves. We grow in every branch opening of partners like Bo’s Coffeeand Hukad by Golden Cowrie as their baristas and wait staff become proud weave wearers too.  

We count to track change that matters because behind every number is a story of pride and transformation. A younger weaver chooses to stay and hone her craft instead of working as a domestic helper abroad the moment she saw a photo of a proud weave weaver twirling her skirt with joy. In one of our heartwoven conversations, one of you expressed that you hope weaving will become an aspirational skill and profession for many young girls. You are an inspiration. We know that you are invested in our vision-mission as much as we are and that’s why we strive hard to work on transparency and inclusivity to honour you and celebrate our growing tribe.  

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