Happy Nest

Happy Nest, a colorful tropical oasis in Tarlac, has been a sweet home to our weaves showcasing wares that add life to this evolving vibrant home that has been a tribute to family, art, and the power of color.

Through the magic of Bernadette Lim, both a Proud Weave Wearer and Crafter, the visionary behind Happy Nest, we weave joy and happiness in these comfort handwoven accent pillows for you! 

When the pandemic confined them indoors, Bernadette transformed her neutral space into a kaleidoscope of colors. Her son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, flourished in this stimulating environment, finding his voice. Bernadette believes in art without boundaries, embracing colors that bring joy.

These beautiful pillow covers feature intricate local patterns from Abra and Argao, and an elegant gumamela flower embroidery, a signature in Happy Nest.



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