ANTHILL is a social and cultural enterprise working on elevating Filipino culture through contemporary and circular design. It supports cultural preservation and sustainable livelihood through community enterprise building among its partner artisan communities.

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When the opportunity came for me to partner with them through a pillow cover collaboration, I experienced just how much they truly value and respect the art of weaving.
France - Owner and Designer, Lu France Interiors
Not only has ANTHILL has provided custom services on the textiles we have used for our Binakol tote and Abaca buckets, allowing us to customize the colors specific to our brand; but also they have taken us under their wing, traveled with us to allow us to connect with our artisans on a deeper level.
Jeanette Sawyer Co-founder MAAARI
Working with ANTHILL and their beautiful scrap weaves has been nothing short of wonderful. We've been using ANTHILL’s scrap weaves since 2019 and their handwoven fabric have definitely added a touch of uniquely Filipino whimsy to our pieces while giving them more value.
Carla Cruz - Owner and Designer, Tropik Beatnik
We support local enterprises and products and with ANTHILL, it is a perfect fit as we use indigenous fabrics in our stores. Every weave has a story, and every story revolves around the culture of the community of weavers.
Steve Benitez - CEO, Bo's Coffee

Bayanihan: Crowdfunding Impact

Amplifying its core mission to support livelihood, ANTHILL partners with The Spark Project to enable its artisans to fulfill their dreams

By Dani Sandrino

Proud Weave Wearer Manifesto

13 years ago, we envisioned every Filipino to have a weave in their closet. Little...

By Dani Sandrino

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