Weaves for Mom at 20% OFF

Our weaves symbolize the timeless bond between mothers and their loved ones. Just like our mothers, who impart lasting knowledge and memories that last us a lifetime, our weaves are forever. Our weaves are strong and colorful — a perfect gift for your mothers or mother figures to tell them that they too are strong, resilient, and bring so much more color into your life.


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Reweave Estefania Blouse

₱4,399.00 ₱2,199.50

Panyo Kapa Long

₱3,899.00 ₱3,119.20

Novella Maxi Skirt/Dress

₱7,999.00 ₱6,399.20

Estefania Blouse

₱4,399.00 ₱3,519.20

Panyo Midi

₱3,999.00 ₱3,199.20

Rovillia Pants

₱5,499.00 ₱4,399.20

Adelfa Blouse

₱6,599.00 ₱5,279.20

Panyo Kapa Short

₱3,899.00 ₱3,119.20

Panyo Maxi

₱5,999.00 ₱4,799.20



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