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Pasalubong - From the root words “pasa” -to share, and “salubong” -to meet or welcome, Pasalubong is a meaningful gift given to those that we meet when we share a piece of home and our travels with them. This uniqely Filipino tradition connects family and friends to the places we’ve visited when we bring home and share a souvenir with them. It’s the appreciation of cultures and the longing for home. Our “pasalubongs” are travel friendly, a representation of the Philippines, and carriers of joy!

Pocket Journal


PH Icons Ornaments


Abaca Star Ornaments


Abaca Angel Ornament


Hardin Drops


Bulaklak Drops


Festival Doll


Kasama Petite Bib


Kapwa Dolls


Softie Bat


Softie Llama


Softie Wild Boar


Softie Bird


Sinulog Keychain Doll

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Daraghuyan Bib Necklace






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