Shop by Tradition: Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi9 "night" (or early morning) masses in anticipation of Christmas. Simbang Gabi originated in the early days of Spanish rule over the Philippines as a practical compromise for farmers, who began work before sunrise to avoid the noonday heat out in the fields. The cool and "presko" weather of these early morning masses are an invitation to dress comfortably and to come prepared with a cover-up in hand. It's also tradition to buy freshly cooked kakanins from the vendors outside the church, so arrive prepared with a catch-all bag and coin purse. 

Panyo Kapa Long


Bituin ng Saya (Abaca Pinangabol)


Bituin ng Saya (Sinamay)


Pride Panyo Maxi Plaid


Pride Loro Maxi Plaid


Abaca Tie Bags


Panyo Midi Skirt


Parol ng Pag-Asa


Pride Panyo Midi


Pride Panyo Kapa


Pride Panyo Maxi


Triangle Coin Purse

₱699.00 ₱489.30

Palawit Tasseled Scarf


Pride Loro Maxi


Mini Purse

₱1,799.00 ₱1,259.30

Tasseled Scarf


Panyo Kapa Short


Panyo Maxi


Single Infinity Scarf




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